RoyalVibe is an Ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound has evolved to enhance health on a cellular level to address challenges and root causes of illness.

QMI is used for risk evaluating. Illness does not suddenly appear. We help you find the root cause of your present and future illness trend.

EnvroVibe is used for water and food. Recycled and polluted water is used for drinking and watering our food. This water is molecularly altered and lacks the structure of fountain fresh water. The EnviroVibe resets your water’s molecules to its origin and hydrates your cells.

Modern medicine has cottoned on to this therapy and has realized the health benefit of increasing energy of acupressure points.

BrainVibe is the mind being modified by choice. We know how strong the mind is but could not harvest the power till now. We can assist treatment if we believe and the belief can now be implanted or edited.


The Science

WHAT IS THE SCIENCE BEHIND ULTRASOUND FREQUENCY HEALING? Scalar Energy has existed since the beginning of time. Its existence was first proposed in a series of 4 equations by renown Mathematician James Clark... READ MORE

EnviroVibe Structured Water

Your Body is Made Up of a Network of Interconnected, Interrelated Fluid, Crystalline Structures. The living crystal water inside your body is the Key to ultimate hydration, better nutrient absorption, improved brain activity,... READ MORE