Can I create my own treatment?

The CellQuicken is a selfcare device. However, you are fully equipped with tutorials on how to create your own treatment program. Within our services, we do provide a support platform at a cost, whereby which a Doctors program can be designed.

Can I have any adverse side effects from using the CellQuicken?

No. The CellQuicken should always be used in the context of proper continued lifestyle choices. Your body will welcome the frequency treatment.

Can I treat more than one person at a time?

Yes, multiple persons can be treated at any given time within a radius of 4 meters. Combined programs can be specifically designed for this purpose.

Can I use this with current medication or medical treatments?

Yes, we do not advise clients to stop the use of any medication or medical treatment. Over a period, clients may no longer require the medication but must consult with their doctor before making that decision.

Does the treatment negatively affect animals and children?

The full home environment can be exposed to treatment and no negative or adverse effects will be afforded.

How do I see the frequencies?

Frequencies cannot be seen. But the effects thereof can be felt. The pulsing of the probes can be measured using a multi-meter which can be purchased from your local hardware store.

How often must or can I do an analysis?

An analysis may be done as often or regular as you wish, we recommend an analysis every 4 weeks or once a month to track your state of health and measure the effectiveness of the designed programs. You may even do it daily if you need to check on the maintenance of your PH balance.

How will I benefit from using the CellQuicken?

You will see an improvement in your overall state of health and well-being. You will also experience more effective spenditure of finances as a decrease in medical and health costs will be evident.

If I have any technical difficulties with my CellQuicken, what do I do?

Your CellQuicken comes with full tutorials and troubleshooting guides. For any software or usage discomforts, please contact our offices.

Is there a support line or Customer Care?

Yes, on becoming a client, you are provided with the necessary contact details and protocols for service support.